Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who is Effy anyway?

Effy, played by the beyond gorgeous Kaya Rose Scodelario, is the younger sister of Tony on the UK based Skins. I couldn't sleep one night and read on PerezHilton about a British TV series that followed young teens as they grew up in a suburb of London. The catch was that they showed how young teens dealt with issues on sex, drugs, and all things normally not shown on American TV. Course, never one to stir away from watching such shows I clicked on the link and couldn't stop watching. The actors played their characters with such vigor that it was a done deal for me, I was hooked. I downloaded all the episodes I could find and spent the rest of the summer catching up on old seasons. (they are currently shooting season 5 with a brand new cast fyi!)
None of the other character spoke to me as much as Effy. Her look is the epitome of grunge. Think heavy eyeliner..that are more on her face than eyes.. (hence my blog name), Doc Martins, ripped tights, black leather jackets, lingerie as tops (gasps!), and lots and lots of chains. So why was I so attracted to this up-kept character? I believe it was just that, her character was sooooo un-put-together that I couldn't look away.  I tried to copy her look as best as one could with Kat and although we got some interesting looks from passer-byers it was all very fun.

Below are images that inspired us.... photos from the shoot will be up shortly!

Stunning, isn't she?

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