Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As I posted recently I've been moving into a new place. Thus, I only have DVD's and old TV shows to watch while i'm not doing homework, writing papers, studying, at the studio,  or reorganizing my new apartment.... yet again...(babes new apartment pics are coming soon, and I CAN'T WAIT TO FINSIH ;)  With that being said I've been watching Dexter during the few short breaks i've been able to have! I got into it from an ex-bf..... and thank goodness..... Dexter is awesome! It might sound completely morbid, even sadistic??? but i'm fascinated. I'm not quite sure what's happening in the new episodes, but the few episodes i have seen show that he is struggling with the concept of faith and how he justifies his own murders with God. Quite a divergence from previous episodes.
I can't wait to catch up! '
Anyhow, it inspired me to do a post of a woman in neglect. Rita, in the first season of Dexter is completely vulnerable and Dexter treats her with such warmth and comfort, it reminded me of one of my favorite movies, The RainMaker, with Matt Damon and Danny DiVeto. Matt Damon frowns upon Clare Danes, a women who is brutally abused by her husband, and then he can't seem to get her out of his head. It's how i felt about Rita. Normally, I would have viewed someone like her, or Claire Danes character, as incapable of taking care of ones self. However, regretfully I have seen abuse and neglect with my own eyes. I channeled this frustration in these photos because I could not shake off the images I saw oh these women and children. It's not a post about fashion, but one about acknowledgement. Acknowledgment to the women and men who suffer from abuse. There are those who care..promise. 
Please donate whatever you can to your local goodwill or shelters. They are a great source of help for these families who are struggling.
hug/kiss/shower everyone you love with love,

Friday, November 11, 2011

old/new photo fun

It has been a super busy semester and I'm getting closer and closer to graduating!!! WOWZA! Any who, since I've been terrible at doing daily post I will show some photos that are oldies but goodies and also some photos I've found off the web of Twiggy and how she applies her makeup! (need to try this technique ASAP!)
PS... I had to move into a new place AGAIN, so interior pics will be coming shortly! I'm very excited to share with you all because I love making a place my own and filling it with color and love. Hopefully you be inspired as well!

NY loves Prince William and Duchess Katherine

loving the multicolor strands in her hair! rock it sweetheart.

vintage jewelry from local boutique: Frisk 

jewelry from nordstrom

"let the eat cake" shirt:- wildfox
jeans: my dear roommates
heels: jessica simpson
jean jacket: guess


work it girly

inspiration, '60's love 

work it Beyonce

jacket: vintage
shirt: american apparel
leggings: american apparel
heels: jessica simpson
headband: target

                                             Naeem Khan, couture for prom! so lucky!

boyfriend shirt...totally works for every occasion 

remember Home Alone 2!!! These are totally the steps some of the film was shot at.

winter kate SS/2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

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