Tuesday, October 18, 2011

when i'm feeling down....

As of late I've had a heavy heart. My family lost a loved one last weekend and school has been absolutely  draining. Life can be a bit messy at times (i know) but it can also get WAY TOO overwhelming too. Today has been one of those days...I'm not sure if its the icky weather or the lack of good sleep but (gosh) today has been difficult. When these days come along I try to do all things I can to cheer myself up. Whether its calling my family and friends or taking a long hot shower; I try to turn my frown up-side-down. However, when I find myself in a particularly bad funk there's nothing that helps me more than looking at my two favorite faith-based blogs: The Wiegand's and The Daybook. They both share stories of how their faith has helped them through tough times, while also incorporating how their religion influences their personal style. (seriously what could be better??)  Reading what these two young women have to say about their faith and how it helps them through the good and the bad has been a great solace for me on days like today when nothing seems to work. 
So if you ever feel down check these two blogs out. However, if faith based blogs aren't your cup of tea I also like to look at ImFancy and Atlantic-Pacific blogs because their pictures and personal style are so inspiring that I literally get flooded with ideas for new outfits (which always has a way of putting a smile on my face).

Anyway, hug/smother/kiss a thousand times and back the ones you love because everything can change in a heartbeat.....

On a lighter note here are a few of my favorite images from The Daybook, The Wiegand's, ImFancy, and Atlantic-Pacific. Check them out!!.... I can see the smiles forming already.... :) 

The Daybook
She's going to have a baby boy super duper soon! So Blessed 

The Daybook
Maternity for Fall done R.I.G.H.T! 

The Wiegand's 
She usually has her babygirl and herself in such amazingly adorable accessories it makes me want to attempt this look every time I see the pics. Then I try (really, really try) and I never look as cute as she does....i'll keep trying though, Promise! 

The Wiegand's
One of my favorite pics of her and her precious babies. Beautiful 

There are so many amazing looks it was hard to just pic one. This particular outfit, however,  screamed "wear me now!!!" and so I just had to share it with all of you. Naturally!

Unfortunately, Imfancy blog will not allow me to post a fav look. But here is a link to one look that is particularly inspiring.... Especially, since she shares the same obsession for the Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' booties that I share. Not to mention she is a natural beauty and was born to be photographed. seriously...A-mazing photos.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wildfox Fall 2011 Video

Its no secret that I idolize the past. Whether it's learning about Byzantine art or classic rock, I love what the past can teach us about ourselves and the future. With that being said, the video for Wildfox Fall 2011 line is a perfect compliment to the 70's rock n' roll aesthetic I love so much. (the cutiepatootie blonde temptress reminds me of Kate Hudson in Almost Famous...no?) Check out the video and their line!
I fly back home tomorrow and I'm so sad to leave this beautiful Cali weather for snow snow snow. Bring it CO!

Check out video HERE.

The Tomb for Pope Julius 2, by MichelAngelo 

me pretending to be a part of the punk scene in Paris

 Although these photos are both very different (obviously), conceptual they remind me of one another. The strict uniformity of the lines and contours of The moses on the Julius tomb and the black n' white "uniform" of my outfit play together in an unlikely way. Also the draping of my shirt and the coils of Moses' hair and dress compliment one another.
Perhaps it's just me trying to put myself into this time frame as much as one can. Hopefully someone else can see it too!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Denver Based Photographer Ryan Polei!!!

This past summer I had the privilege of working with Ryan Polei, a Denver based photographer with great talent and a wonderful personality to boost. He made our shoot fun and it was super easy to bounce ideas off of one another. If you need a photographer who's fun, easygoing, TALENTED, and personable contact him asap! And please check out his site here.

As for the outfits I decided to use a wide range from: black and white with hints of browns and soft reds, bright colors, and (of course my personal fave) the grunge-chic look you know I so love to do!