Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Guide to Traveling

I am currently waiting for my flight to new york! (thank you free wireless internet) There are a couple of essential items one must always bring while traveling:
1. white top anything style
2. black and nude pumps
3. flats and/or walking shoes
4. black purse and a statement purse
5. light and dark was jeans or shorts....and...
6. ACCESSORIES! super duper important if you want to travel light but still look stylish! I suggest bringing brooches (great for making tops or dresses more fitted) cocktail rings, bangles, and my personal favorite 'bib' necklaces.

I snapped a few photos of some of the accessories that I packed with me. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to label the items but as soon as I'm settled at my aunties I will add where each item is from.

Yay for summer vacation! :)

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