Monday, October 11, 2010

New Developments

I’m pleased to report that my new gorgeous (and affordable, only $37.99 at here) canopy for my bedroom came today! This will certainly add a dream-like, could-nine aura to my otherwise plain bedroom. More pictures to come…

simple and cozy...for now...

the canopy! can't wait to set it up!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Married With Children

I had so much fun dressing up like Marcy Bundy from the TV sitcom Married with Children. My daddy and I used to watch this show religiously, against my mum's wishes of course, and dressing up like uber-sassy Marcy Bundy made me feel empowered...and dare I say a bit "WT Chic"? ha ha :) 

I'm wearing a Frenchi top, neon bra and gray leggings from Target, and vintage Louis Vuitton bow-tie heels

just for fun

It's Saturday and most of my friends are out enjoying the night time festivities...I, unfortunately, have a ton of exams next week and cannot afford to be hungover tomorrow. So although I am home and should be studying, of course I am doing everything but. Which is why I did an impromptu photo shoot and finally did my laundry. (not bad, right?)
Pics of the shoot and other shoots will be up shortly!