Monday, October 11, 2010

New Developments

I’m pleased to report that my new gorgeous (and affordable, only $37.99 at here) canopy for my bedroom came today! This will certainly add a dream-like, could-nine aura to my otherwise plain bedroom. More pictures to come…

simple and cozy...for now...

the canopy! can't wait to set it up!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Married With Children

I had so much fun dressing up like Marcy Bundy from the TV sitcom Married with Children. My daddy and I used to watch this show religiously, against my mum's wishes of course, and dressing up like uber-sassy Marcy Bundy made me feel empowered...and dare I say a bit "WT Chic"? ha ha :) 

I'm wearing a Frenchi top, neon bra and gray leggings from Target, and vintage Louis Vuitton bow-tie heels

just for fun

It's Saturday and most of my friends are out enjoying the night time festivities...I, unfortunately, have a ton of exams next week and cannot afford to be hungover tomorrow. So although I am home and should be studying, of course I am doing everything but. Which is why I did an impromptu photo shoot and finally did my laundry. (not bad, right?)
Pics of the shoot and other shoots will be up shortly!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's fall baby...hell YES!

I’m so excited for Fall 2010 you have no idea! Luckily, the weather is changing pretty quickly which means goodbye sundress, hello chunky knit-sweaters and yet-black tights mixed with statement coats and jewelry.  I’m also really looking forward to animal prints and short leather dresses, sure to make you feel like a sexy dominatrix! 
More to come in the morning lovers! time for bed…but i’m so excited to share ideas, and thoughts with each and everyone of you…peace