Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What does every fashionista need? Tailored Pants

Every women deserves to own a pair of pants that is perfectly tailored to their body.  Saying this is easy, but accomplishing it, is a much more difficult task. I am short-waisted, so shopping for jeans or pants can be a major pain. Well, while I was at home I went to a cute boutique named Olivia in down town Los Altos, California. There, I found numerous pant styles that fit my body type (petite, 5'4" boyish frame). Whether they were high-waisted palazzo pants, or skinny wax jeans, I had plenty of choices. However, my standout favorite are my Rinascimento black pants. They are cinched at the bottom and have a soft cotton waistband, so it does not give me the dreaded muffin-top. 
Black works with everything, so whether you are in an all black or monochromatic ensemble, this will always look chic. I kept my makeup very minimal, only highlighting the corner of my eyes.  But, in the future I would add a dash of red lipstick to create a fun focal point on my face. 

black tank top: Mom's! 
white cotton top: J Brand Jeans Ready-to-Wear Collection
pants: Rinascimento
heels: Aldo
necklace: Target 

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