Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I went to Vegas this past weekend and needless to say it was marvelous! It was my first time traveling to the land of Sin City and as such I spent countless hours picking out the best outfits to wear.  (Those photos coming soon...yes, I photographed each and every outfit to make sure they looked amazing!) With that being said, I only was able to get ONE outfit photographed! (I blame Vegas) I did snap a few photos of the Chanel boutique at the uber-fabulous Wynn Hotel. I also had the pleasure of being invited to the Chanel exhibition!!! (Yup, how awesome is that?!)  Each room was dedicated to a different aspect of Coco Chanel's life, her iconic perfume, jewelry, and some of Karl Lagerfeld's famous sketches. I wanted to stay in Chanel's lala land forever and was truly a dream.
Enjoy the photos!


This was photographed in New York at FIT 

Also photographed at FIT


I snuck a picture of a soon to be displayed mannequin! sneaky sneaky...

The only outfit I was able to photograph

Chanel Boutique display at the Wynn Hotel

I want these gloves sooo soo badly! 

When looking at their display I was metamorphosed into the world of the 1920's... Great Gatsby anyone? 

I wish I were one of these mannequins!!! Absolutely incredible display.

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