Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Potion #9

Happy Valentine's Day~!!
I remember in grade school it was an unwritten rule that on Valentine's day you must wear red and pass out cards to everyone in your class.  However, now that I'm an "adult," I refuse to wear any traditional colors on such occasions where one is supposed to. Instead, in true rebellious form, I wore white and black.  HA! Not a total rebel though, it does say "Love Potion No. 9." Which so happens to be one of my favorite love songs....

Love, love, love to all... family, friends, to my followers and soon-to-be followers... Your continual support is truly amazing.
Thank you,


 These photos came out a bit blurry because I'm learning how to use the camera+ app on my iphone. It's a pretty sweet app! It has a whole bunch of fun tools you can use to edit your photos and make them look super unique!!

the pinhole effect 

The app also includes funky borders such as this one, and many more.
headband: Walgreens
shirt: Wildfox
jeans: Target
boots: Trouve
necklace: Forever21
watch: DKNY
rings: Vintage

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