Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photos from Italy....

These are some photos I took while studying aboard in Italy this summer. Most were taken in Milan. Enjoy!

italian men dress impeccably well. So hot

i fell in love with these ankle booties

the epitome of chic

We got lost looking for a museum in Milan. But we did find this awesome art university. The architecture of the building was built in the 16th high renaissance style. We met this artist and I asked him what it was like to go to school everyday in such a beautiful building..? He answered "well everything is old here, so its no big."I told him that I would love to go to a school this beautiful, and then he offered to show me how to apply. What a gentlemen. Anyway, I was able to take a picture of him while working on one of his many sculptures. It was an unexpected and but really cool adventure.  

shot of the boulder creek before I left. I love this creek, especially during the summer so I had to capture it before my European holiday. 

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