Thursday, December 1, 2011

lost summer grunge

Let them eat cake, wildfox

toy soldier 

too cool for school...or something like that???

pretending to be in london on a dreadfully hot summers day in boulder

love summer concerts in boulder. the atmosphere is unreal, chill vibes everywhere...its a treat forsure! 
 we have several emerging musical artists based in boulder, who come out with redONKulouz beats. Way too much fun,,,

Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita Spiky Bootie' 
i waited 4 months for these babies....patience is a virtue forsure...lesson learned 

Sorry bad shot of my other new Jeffrey Campbell booties...i love the color of these puppies. They def will make any boring outfit pop. (sorry about the pajamas everyone, i was super excited when they came that i just had to put them on right then and there!!!)

Rachel Looks soooooo amazing on the cover of Nylon that I literally coming up with so many new

a/w '11 

cutest mommy-daughter outing i've ever seen!!!  love victoria and harper seven

haha beefeater

my adorable B in class. he has such a clean cut sense of style and yet everyday he manages to add that little something to make the outfit really pop.  

Dec 1, 2011
5:49 am

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