Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cheetah Girl

I fractured my L3 vertebrate at the end of January (avoid black ice at all times!!!!) and since then traveling long distances has been somewhat of a burden. So I have been a lot of exploring and shopping online.  
When shopping online you always have to be prepared with the fact that what you bought is not always what you will receive. With that being said I mostly shop online for T-shirts and accessories because I have yet to receive something that doesn’t fit or is not what I ordered. (Knock on wood)
The cheetah print tunic I’m wearing I bought from, which is a super fun site that has many different styles all within a reasonable price point that is suitable for any college or young professional.
The leggings are from and have thus far been one of my favorite purchases! They create the illusion of model-length-legs since the opaque material stops just below the knee and by doing so they elongate the leg.
The look was mostly monotone in color composition so in order to create a little pop I paired it with an electric blue purse and baby blue necklace. All in all the look added a little spice to my evening and since the weather has slowly been getting warmer (HELL YES!) I did not have to wear a jacket with this outfit.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Finals are rapidly approaching and I gotta get my head in the game if I want to graduate with a bang! More posts coming soon and with a real photographer taking the pics!! Yay!!

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