Thursday, June 14, 2012

Generation Z

I'm currently on the east coast visiting family for my cousin's fifth grade graduation and birthday! Yesterday, was her graduation and WOW was I impressed with her and her friends outfits. Children these days are dressing so well it's insane! I also stumbled upon a website that showcased 50 children with the cutest style and demeanor that would make any 20-something's feel like we need to step up our game ASAP. (You can check out the pics of the stylish children here.)
Below are pictures from my cousin's graduation. She looked so grown up with her high waisted skirt and white tank. My little fashionista :)

dress: DVF 
clutch: Asos
pumps: Sam Edelman 

Grad Dinner! all smiles 

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  1. Anonymous6/25/2012

    very nice pics of u ans leila. she is so cute and has aso happy go lucky face.