Friday, January 13, 2012

Last Night in the Big City

Sadly, I have to leave for Colorado Sunday so today I plan to make the most of my time in the city. I'm going to see the Exhibition: In Comparable Women of Style 1977-2011,  a collection from the Rose Hartman Photography Archives that she so generously is showcasing at FIT's Gladys Marcus Library until January 20, 2012! Then its off to see a friend from college for a little chill time and drinks with him and his lovely girlfriend. (oh my, how we're getting older! I remember when I met him and my bestie in our freshman English class....gosh....sorry nostalgic moment..) 
Tomorrow will be spent with my family in New Jersey, but I promise to show my street style photos and photos of some of the AMAZING finds I got in Soho.

I literally was in retail heaven when I found this amazing boutique in the heart of Soho called: A Second Chance: designer resale boutique. I cannot wait to show you all what I got!!! Visit their online shop, here.  They are located on the Upper East Side and in Soho, so you have two lovely boutiques to visit.  I didn't want to leave, but as my wallet was shrinking drastically in size I thought it best to leave before I got the dreadful phone call from the parentals saying: "You're not in college anymore, get a job or else!" With that being said I must make my train!

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