Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Graduation Fun

These photos were taken late night during graduation weekend. My best friend since I was seven came to celebrate with me and she took a bunch of pictures of me dancing around my apartment. I'm including these in my blog because the outfit is quite inexpensive. (the Jeffrey Campbell booties are the most expensive part of the ensemble) Since I'm a graduate now I am more conscious then ever as to how much I can spend during any given month. (The job search is now in full force people!!!)  I must say that I'm thrilled to be amongst the many who are hungry to find jobs. Not only will it propel me to become a better stylist, writer, blogger, etc...but it has also pushed me to become more independent. Hello 2012 and adult world! I'm ready for ya. 
Anyway, these pics are a bit silly so have fun with them....
Happy New Year!!!! 

top: Urban Outfitters
shirt: Target
tights: Target
heels: Jeffrey Campbell

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