Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wildfox Fall 2011 Video

Its no secret that I idolize the past. Whether it's learning about Byzantine art or classic rock, I love what the past can teach us about ourselves and the future. With that being said, the video for Wildfox Fall 2011 line is a perfect compliment to the 70's rock n' roll aesthetic I love so much. (the cutiepatootie blonde temptress reminds me of Kate Hudson in Almost Check out the video and their line!
I fly back home tomorrow and I'm so sad to leave this beautiful Cali weather for snow snow snow. Bring it CO!

Check out video HERE.

The Tomb for Pope Julius 2, by MichelAngelo 

me pretending to be a part of the punk scene in Paris

 Although these photos are both very different (obviously), conceptual they remind me of one another. The strict uniformity of the lines and contours of The moses on the Julius tomb and the black n' white "uniform" of my outfit play together in an unlikely way. Also the draping of my shirt and the coils of Moses' hair and dress compliment one another.
Perhaps it's just me trying to put myself into this time frame as much as one can. Hopefully someone else can see it too!

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