Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still in Europe! Sorry for the Delay!!!

I'm still in Europe and having a wonderful time. I'm sorry for not being professional and keeping up with my posts :( Studying in Italy was amazing but very time consuming. I must say, that as much fun as I had learning about Michelangelo I throughly enjoyed people walking and seeing what was 'in' for Italians and Parisians. They are absolutely fearless!! Its such a pleasure to see women AND men dress sooooo impeccably well. Not to mention that they make dressing up look so easy and chic. Almost as if they rolled out of bed and just jumped into the first thing they found, but instead of jumping into sweats and a T-shirt (like me) they would wear these incredible tailored white linen dresses or silk jumpers, while the men wore stunning suits (god bless them in that heat). When all I wanted to do was run around naked because the Italian sun is so dreadfully hot, they managed to look completely pulled together. It is/was absolutely mind blowing!
Below are just a few of my favorite looks I managed to put together. I'm still traveling so expect more looks to come but not as picturesque as I would have wanted them to be! Happy summer to all and HAPPY BELATED 4TH!

Since we have been going to museum after museum wearing workout clothes has been the most logical attire to wear during the day. I tried to dress cute, but it just was not in my deck of cards for such an excursion. Plus "as a student of Michelangelo" as my professor likes to say, one does not need to dress up at all since 'il divino' had no such qualms about his attire. Do as the Romans do, no? 

If you haven't noticed I've been rocking the Mulberry purse the entire Euro trip. This bag is SO great for traveling. It has a zipper pocket in the inside that's big enough to hold my wallet and Iphone4 so I don't have to worry about pick-pocketers. It also has enough space to hold my notebook and binoculars so I can look at each piece of artwork up close! Epic purchase...which I got on sale..EVEN MORE EPIC! 

That's all for now! Ciao 

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